Created by me, The Vardo is a collision of my passion & dream job. 
The Vardo is an all plant based cafe, providing you with delicious plant based foods. 

We offer a range of other services like;
Tailored juice plans
Meal preps
Catering for events
Private hire
Occasion cakes

We also hold many events and collaborations with local businesses so be sure to subscribe.

I first went vegetarian at 12 after watching Jamie Oliver talk about food & the meat industry.  My mum said to me "If you want to be vegetarian, you've got to cook your own meals". I was never expected to cook 5* meals but I was expected to show determination. Admittedly, I wasn't great at either - I struggled to cook anything other than pasta or beans on toast & would often eat whatever was for dinner, picking bits out. As i grew older, I practised cooking more & lived on a mostly vegetarian diet that has lead me here. I'm beyond excited to be sharing all the things i've learnt in the kitchen with you guys.

I hope you enjoy my little business as much as i do 

and mum,
thank you for teaching me how to cook.




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