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Cheese night @ Papillon

Its always really scary to do pop-ups and take over events - the worry about nut allergies always get to me as we them for pretty much every cheese we make so for me to try and be relaxed about this night was a mindset i could only dream of... but it turned out well & I'm glad I went through with it. I can't thank everyone enough for their support - my clients, Lisa at the Papillon & my helpers for the night. I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves & more importantly enjoyed the cheese - In the past I wrote a post "Life is Gouda" explaining why i got into cheese making & answered some of your questions - so today i'm going to briefly add to that & answer the questions asked on the cheese night.

All of the cheeses are made in house by me. It isn't easy, it's very long winded & the process time can take up to 5 hours before putting into containers/moulds. Some of them are much quicker but still require a lot of attention - they aren't things you can make and then leave for a while. Storage temp, positioning, the containers & the cheeses need to be checked daily - like little cheese babies!

It's a really fragile process and can take up 5-8 weeks.. regardless of how lengthy it is the taste outcome & aesthetics are beautiful & I feel like the cheeses really show the hard work that goes into them. Its a bit of an art form.

I was asked on the night if the cheeses melt or can go on toast - some of them do - the ones that have been aged don't but we do spreads of the farmhouse block & a dill/lox spread specifically to be enjoyed on toast & breads.

Will we be doing another night? Absolutely! More cheese nights & other food event nights are coming up - I will be releasing dates with you all soon.

Nadia x

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